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Coach Schlon

Are you tired of the frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting, feeling trapped in an unhealthy body? I understand your pain because I've walked in your shoes. However, I uncovered a little-known secret that revolutionized my life, and my burning desire is to share it with you.

Having battled with weight issues for years, I embarked on a personal transformation journey. Now, as a certified health coach, I've empowered over 100,000 women to break free from the shackles of unsustainable lifestyles. My proven program isn't about subjecting yourself to intense diets or engaging in crazy workouts. It's centered around implementing small, sustainable steps that pave the way for you to become the best version of yourself.

My own experience has taught me that true wellness is an inside job. I am fueled by a passion to empower you to unleash your inner strength, resilience, and self-worth. Through my guidance, you will not only gain the mindset but also the practical tools needed to take control of your health and fulfill your highest potential.

I firmly believe in your potential because I've stood exactly where you are today. Now, take my hand, and together, let's embark on the first step toward the healthy, vibrant life you truly deserve.

Don't let frustration and discomfort hold you back any longer. It's time to take control and create the vibrant life you've always dreamed of. Join me on this transformative adventure, and let's unlock the door to the healthy, vibrant life waiting for you.

🌟 What's Included in "The Tunnel Vison Mindset System for Transformative Weight Loss"

($12,040 Total Value!)🌟

"Tunnel Vision Mindset System For Transformative Weight Loss Course" is a focused approach designed to reprogram your mental framework for significant and lasting weight reduction. ($2,376 value)

"Tunnel Vision Mindset Mastery Business Course" Develop the five Strategic Mindsets for taking your business to six Figures and Beyond ($3,246 value)

  • Personalized Weight Loss Plan: Based on your unique needs and lifestyle, curated by top nutritionists ($586 value)
  • Exclusive Access to the Weight Loss Concierge Community: Engage with peers, share your progress, and get support when you need it. Including live sessions with fitness influencers! ($2,844 value)
  • Interactive E-Book: "Tunnel Vision Mindset For Transformative Weight-Loss Course", packed with success stories, motivation, diet recipes, and workout regimes ($1183 value)
  • Exclusive Workout Sessions: Tailored to your fitness level, with progression tracking ($480 value)
  • One-on-One Monthly Check-ins: With a certified fitness coach, ensuring you stay on track and get answers to any questions. ($685 Value)
  • Special Discounts: Tunnel Vision Mindset Merchandise

Digital Journal: To track your progress, note down your highs and lows and see how far you've come.($640 value)

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Whenever you face a hurdle, we're here to help.
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Embrace this System if you have had

Repeated Weight Loss Failures

Have you tirelessly tried every diet, workout, and supplement, only to be met with the same disappointing results each time? It's crushing to see your self-esteem and confidence take a hit, making you feel trapped in a frustrating cycle.

Difficulty in Maintaining Focus and Commitment

Do you find it almost impossible to stick to your weight-loss routine? It's tough when external distractions, peer pressures, and daily stresses pull you away from your health goals, isn't it?

Overwhelmed from Information Overload

In this era of endless digital advice, do you feel buried under a mountain of weight loss tips, unsure of which direction to take? It's easy to become paralyzed when there's just too much information.

Emotional and Mental Struggles

Beyond just shedding pounds, are you battling emotional and mental hurdles linked to weight loss? From confronting body image concerns to facing societal pressures and the disheartening feeling of not seeing the results you work so hard for, it's more than just a physical journey.

Why "The Tunnel Vision Mindset System for

Transformative Weight Loss" is for you

In essence, the "Tunnel Vision Mindset System for Transformative Weight Loss"

is more than just another weight-loss program. It's a comprehensive blueprint tailored to address the multifaceted challenges you face, guiding you towards achieving not only your dream body but also a stronger, more resilient mindset.

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Here Are Glimpse Of What You'll Learn.


Growth Mindset for Transformative Weight Loss

  • Rewire your mindset to see weight-loss challenges as growth opportunities, not failures. This transformational shift empowers your fitness journey.
  • Replace negative self-talk with growth mindset rituals to build motivation, resilience, and self-belief. Progress requires patience and self-compassion.
  • Set process-focused goals, test growth principles in action, and celebrate small milestones. Lifelong learning is vital to shed fixed thoughts and pounds.


Abundance Mindset for Transformative Weight Loss

  • Break free of scarcity thinking that rigidly restricts and replace it with an abundance mindset that motivates. This shift empowers your fitness journey.
  • Rewrite fear-based scarcity scripts and practice uplifting abundance rituals to nurture self-belief and possibility. Avoid comparison traps and negative messaging.
  • Stay open, focus on strengths, and seek win-win solutions. As you embrace abundance over scarcity, you'll make progress fueled by potential versus limits.


Mindset for Transformative Weight Loss

  • Unlock your innate creativity to sustain motivation, flexibility, and innovation essential for weight loss success.
  • Debunk the myth that creativity is limited; it thrives through curiosity, imagination, and experimentation.
  • Learn strategies to access creative headspace and apply the creative process to generate fresh workout and meal solutions.


Problem Solving Mindset for Transformative Weight Loss

  • Adopt an optimistic, focused problem-solving mindset to overcome inevitable weight loss obstacles and turn them into progress opportunities.
  • Learn and apply a constructive, step-by-step problem-solving process to address fitness challenges head-on rather than avoiding them.
  • Build critical skills to reframe struggles, ideate innovative solutions, and cultivate determination to persist through any setback or plateau.


Entrepreneurial Mindset for Transformative Weight Loss

  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset characterized by resourcefulness, initiative, and resilience to empower your fitness journey.
  • Learn strategies to problem-solve creatively, pivot when needed, and leverage partnerships—skills used by startup founders to drive progress.
  • Build confidence to spot opportunities, take smart risks, and persist through setbacks. An entrepreneurial mentality turns fitness challenges into progress.


Next Steps for Transformative Weight Loss

  • Bring together the key takeaways across the 5 essential mindsets: growth, abundance, creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial. This combination accelerates results.
  • Apply your new mindset toolkit holistically, fueled by resilience, imagination, determination, and possibility thinking. Sustained progress requires this mental shift.
  • Manifest your weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle vision. You now have the knowledge and tools to approach fitness primed for motivation, flexibility, and overcoming any challenge.

"Secure your spot now! The first 77 get a special rate of $497, after which the price jumps to $1699."

Amazing Bonus #1

Free Access to the "WeightLoss Concierge Community

Why join the Weight Loss Concierge Community?

Personalized Fitness Tips: Get access to curated advice tailored for you. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness aficionado, we have tips that fit your pace and style.

Proven Weight Loss Strategies: Dive deep into a treasure trove of tried and tested weight loss tactics that have transformed thousands before you.

Accountability Like Never Before: Connect with like minded individuals who share your passion. Motivate each other, share your milestones, and achieve together!

Exclusive Resources: Get your hands on downloadable resources, live webinars, expert Q&A sessions, and more – all designed to bolster your weight loss journey.

It's 100% FREE With This Program: Yes, you read that right. Join us today and experience the difference at no cost to you with a 14 day free trial.

Amazing Bonus #2

Special Recipes Under 300 Calories

Why choose a personalized diet plan?

Custom Crafted for YOU: Based on your body type, activity level, dietary preferences, and health goals, we design a diet plan just for you.

Maximized Results: No more second-guessing or trial and error. When you follow a plan crafted for your specific needs, you get faster, more lasting results.

Delicious & Diverse: Think personalized means restrictive? Think again! Enjoy a variety of scrumptious meals, all aligned with your weight-loss journey.

Supported Every Step: Our team of expert nutritionists will guide and support you, ensuring your journey is smooth and your questions are answered.

Amazing Bonus #3

Tunnel Vision Mindset Mastery Course ($3,246 Value)

  • Explore the benefits of physical activity and its role in enhancing overall well-being.
  • Learn various forms of exercise and movement that promote strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Discover the power of mindfulness and how it can be integrated into your daily routine to reduce stress and increase overall mindfulness.

Few From My Student Testimonial

Every business wants happy customers who are eager to spread the word about their positive experiences.

Below are a few examples of glowing testimonials from our happy customers:

Join Me In This Incredible Journey!

It’s important to get access ASAP because it’s going to be $497 for the first 77 people and $1699 for everyone else.

Still Have Questions?

I don't have much time to exercise. Will this still work?

Absolutely the program is desiged for busy schedules. You'll get effective exercise routines you can fit into just 20-30 minutes a day

I've tried losing weight so many times with no luck. How will this program be any different?

I compeletely understand the struggle. This program is desiged by experts who know exactly how to help people in your situation lose weight for good.

Is this just another fad diet?

No way! This is a suitable lifestyle program focused on small changes that fit your needs and preference. No restrictive or elimination diets here.

How is this different from other weight loss programs?

It's more than just weight loss - its's a mindset and habit shift. You'll get tools to change how you think about health and not just follow prescriptive diets rules.

What kind of ongoing support is included?

You'll 24/7 message access to me and our health coaching team, plus a private online community for advice and accountability. We're here for you!