ThickFit By Schlond

Inspiration Bootcamp


The Pink Climb

Join us as we celebrate October’s Brest cancer awareness month, while working up a sweat hiking Stone Mountain in your best shade of pink!


Sun, October 27, 2019

8:15 AM – 11:15 AM EDT


Stone Mountain Park

1000 Robert E Lee Boulevard

Stone Mountain, GA 30083


Hi, I’m Schlond. I’m a fitness enthusiast, a consultant that nurtures, motivates, and empowers experience that foot on your strength. I’m proud to say that I’m the person to help you realize your inner self and enhance your skills and achieve your dreams. The fact remains that many people lack personal independence and feel so low often; I understand this and know how to channel my expertise to help you develop yourself.

Personal development is paramount for any human being, and investing in your personal development can bring excellent returns over time.

Whenever you feel that taking significant decisions on your own seems hard, you need a change in your personal life. I’ve come to know several years ago that most people are not often satisfied with the current experience and are always seeking a way out. Don’t fret; Schlond is here to take you through this journey.

Are you clear about your current season of life? If personal issues keep you in a holding pattern, then you need proper counseling and coaching to grow through and become better. Each coaching process we offer is unique, effective and tailored to meet your individual needs while producing the best result that manifests in personal development. I don’t just help you develop yourself; I create a roadmap for success and show you how to walk through.

With my personal development approach, I’ll help you discover yourself; come to terms with your core values, while assessing your strength and weakness. I’ll help you create action plans and evaluate how to overcome possible obstacles, then come out strong. Whenever you feel down and clueless, I’m always available to help you carry on. Your personal development matters to me just as your existence matters. Kindly get in touch with me to experience unmatched personal growth.




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